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Company Directors:

  • Quentin Russell
  • Derek Smith


  • Peter Taylor, Taylor Fordyce Ltd.


  • Rothmans, Chartered Accountants, Winchester

The Production Team for 'An Exile in Paradise'

ROBERT HORNE (Presenter) is an adventurer, traveller and writer with a keen interest in art and science fiction.

DEREK SMITH (Director) has made many documentary series for Independent Television and the BBC. He won the first BP Arts Award for a film about Franz Liszt, a clutch of medals at the New York TV and Film Festival and Royal Television Society Awards for his regional work. He has made portraits of figures as diverse as Lucian Freud, John Tavener and The Dalai Lama.

Dr. QUENTIN RUSSELL (Writer/Producer) a writer, designer and art historian, he is a specialist in C19th Greek history. He is currently involved in producing a musical, Exposure, for the West End as a director of Camera Theatre Productions Ltd.

MARK LAVENDER (Producer) produced the film FROZEN, which was premiered in Leicester Square, London, in 2006. It has since won eleven awards worldwide. He has also worked in television as series producer, producer and director for ITV, BBC and Channel Four. His award winning programmes have included drama shorts and drama documentaries. He is currently working on a new feature film.

Derek and Mark have their own production company - Rough Sea Productions

In the studio

Milly O'Sullivan associate producer Daniel Goddard editor

On Location

Marilena Dyranis-Maounis co-producer (Greece)
Gezim Sulaj production manager (Albania)

Special Contributions

Nicholas Parsons
A Lear enthusiast who is still touring with his one-man show that explores the life and genius of Edward Lear through his verse and writings

Vivien Noakes
The author of the definitive biography of Lear. Vivien Noakes passed away in 2011. This programme is dedicated to her memory.

Mike Dyer
The voice of Lear: Mike has been a singer (fronting headline rock bands), actor and songwriter with extensive lead role experience in many internationally acclaimed musicals: Blood Brothers (narrator), Jesus Christ Superstar (Ciaphas, Pontius Pilot), Notre Dame de Paris (Frollo, Quasimodo). He is currently writing and producing a musical, Exposure, for the West End.

Music Production

The theme music and most of the background music was written, performed and produced in house by Quentin Russell and Eugenia Russell with production assistance by Fred Johanson and Adrian Wyatt.